Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fashion Groupie Behind the Scenes

This last weekend I had the amazing opportunity to work with 6 local LA fashion bloggers on a shoot produced by Karen of Fashion Groupie. Every blogger showcased 3 looks from a different up and coming local designer. I am so blessed to have met such amazing girls at this event, everyone so interesting and talented! Loved every second! Below all the wonderful people involved, stay tuned for the final project. Check out more behind the scenes here.

JakeNarciso / Photographer http://jakenarciso.com/


ELLIE LAVELLE– http://www.ellielavelle.com/
KITTIN HAWK– http://www.kittinhawk.com/
RORY BECA – http://www.rorybeca.com/
GEREN FORD– http://www.gerenford.com/

NIKOLETA PANTEVA– http://www.livelovela.net/
MELISSA RODRIGUEZ - http://www.modanistajunkie.com/

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  1. Sounds so fun! There are so many great bloggers and designers in L.A., it's awesome to see projects like this come together!